Traveling to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a compact, open minded country. The country is easily accessible from all over Europe, both by air, by train and by car. One third of the Netherlands lies below sea level, with the lowest point being 7 meters below.

Almere: young and innovative

Almere, considered the youngest and most innovative city in the Netherlands, is located just across the IJmeer from Amsterdam. Almere has only existed for almost 45 years. Almere is as old as the Rubik’s Cube!

Amsterdam: the place to be

The Dutch capital Amsterdam is open minded, unique and a bit stubborn. Narrow houses that exude history through their crooked and diverse constructions, canals, bridges here and there. But you also see and feel innovation and energy.

Spend the night in Amsterdam

You can choose to spend the night in Amsterdam: downtown in the vibrant city centre or in one of the other neighbourhoods. There are more than 450 hotels and hostels in the city!

Spend the night in Almere

You can also opt to stay in Almere, relatively close to the venue. There is a limited range of hotels, cottages and campsites. Here you will have a better price/quality ratio.

Monday tour Almere

On Monday July 20, the day after the Rubik’s presents WCA European Championship, you can join an organised tour in/around Almere. More informatie will follow!