Volunteers: share the challenge!

The Rubik’s presents WCA European Championship 2020 will be fully organised and supervised by volunteers. Almost 200 volunteers will be active. You can be one of them – and help make the European Championship a great success!

What can you expect as a volunteer?
  • A great experience
  • Free drinks (maybe more)
  • Unique WCA Euro 2020 t-shirts
  • A gift pack
  • Are you a competitor? Then you can participate for free! You will receive a personal schedule in which both your volunteer work and competing are listed.
Almost everyone can be a volunteer

Cubers, non-cubers, competitors, non-competitors, youngsters, seniors: almost everyone can be a volunteer. We need volunteers for different jobs: judging/scrambling, score taking, ticket office, supervising non-official events, website, social media, press, build-up/clear-up team etc.

Being a volunteer means hard work. It is important to realize that! You will be assigned to a team and given a personal schedule, including your volunteer tasks and – if you are also a competitor – your own participation in the competition.

Please apply via MyEuro. Not everyone will be accepted as a volunteer! Please only apply if you meet the requirements for the jobs. Delegates from all over Europe help us with the assessment. Some applications will be accepted within a few days, others after a few months, others may be rejected. This depends on the job you are applying for, your experience, your availability and whether you are already familiar with the organisation team or the delegates.

Current jobs


You are very experienced in judging/scrambling and have a thorough knowledge of the WCA regulations. Your English is good and you have a sense of responsibility. You will be assigned to one of eight teams, led by a team leader. You will work in the heart of the championship!

Score takers

You have experience with data entry, are precise and fast. Together with the others in the scoretaking team you take care of careful data entry. Important task!

Ticket office

You’re kind, hospitable and responsible. Your English is good, preferably you also speak other languages. Ticket office staff receive all competitors and guests. You hand over badges, schedules and gift packs and give information.

Equipment team
You’re handy and enterprising. You make sure that all competition materials work properly, batteries are replaced and technical problems are solved.

Building up/clearing up

You are physically healthy, flexible and a hard worker. You will be deployed mainly on on Wednesday 15 and on Sunday 19, after the closing ceremony. Sledging with furniture, hanging flags and decoration and much more.


You have a sense of responsibility, charisma and you are physically healthy. You supervise the halls and access control.

Hosts Fun Zone

You’re kind and hospitable. Your English is fine. You help with the activities in the Fun Zone, such as the non official parts and the games.


Your English writing skills are very good. During the championship you will help with our online magazine and write interviews, news items etc.

Livestream specialist

You are a camera professional or experienced in using mixing equipment. You will be part f the live stream team and provide lots of people with a great live stream.